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Allen School

Paul G. Allen School for Global Health

Creighton Endowed Chair in Global Animal Health

Funding supports the endowed chair position, currently occupied by Dr. Guy Palmer.

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Dr. Frederic "Pete" Kullenberg Endowment

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Paul G. Allen School for Global Health Animal & Public Health Research

Diseases that pass between animals and humans are called zoonotic diseases. Recent studies show that up to 75 percent of recently emerging infectious diseases in humans originally came from animals. These include diseases that have made recent news like Ebola, Zika, Middle East respiratory syndrome and avian influenza. Your gift in support of research will help us learn how to detect diseases faster, develop vaccines to prevent the spread of disease, and help save lives.

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Paul G. Allen School for Global Health Global Outreach Fund

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Paul G. Allen School for Global Health Graduate Education Fund

Bringing life sciences, economics, social science, culture, history and ecology together is key for designing global health programs that will improve the lives of animals and people well into the future. Your gift creates opportunities for our graduate students to learn across disciplines and bring that knowledge to local communities.

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Rabies Free Africa Fund

Rabies is the deadliest zoonotic disease on the planet. Each year more than 60,000 people die from rabies and half are children under the age of 16.  Rabies Free Africa, part of The Paul G. Allen School for Global Health, is working to eliminate rabies with the goal of no humans deaths by 2030. Please join us in our efforts to eliminate rabies worldwide. Learn more about rabies

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