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Specs and Cost

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) System Specifications

 Current MRI specsNew MRI specs
Magnet field strength1.0 T (Tesla)1.5 T*
Bore size (hole size)60 cm diameter70 cm diameter**

* 3.0T is available, but added cost would not give proportional value in quality.
** Clinicians will be able to scan further up a horse's leg or down a neck with the larger hole.

New MRI System Cost Breakdown

New MRI machine and installation$1.2 million
Service contract (3-5 years)$400,000
Room renovations*$600,000
Additional software packages$300,000

* Room renovations will include new shielding in the floor, ceiling, and walls. A new larger equine entry door will be installed. The new door will also contain modern shielding.

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