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    A Machine with Greater Capabilities

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    WSU veterinary student, Beryl Swanson ('14 DVM) with Mr. Bear after surgery.

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    How does MRI improve diagnosis and treatment?

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Dan and Kim Huish Foundation
Otto Styslinger

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$25,000 to $49,999

Pet Memorial Program

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$10,000 to $24,999

Roger and Alice Kaye Renne, in Memory of Jasper
In Memory of Bear and Furgus

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$1,000 to $9,999

Ann E. Onymous

Anne Loustau

Canines vs. Cancer

Chehalis-Centralia Vet Hospital- Dr. Mark Giffey

Craig and Lynne Marcus

Diane & Gary Price

Dr. Carvalho-Faucher

Dr. Charles and Joan Jinneman

Dr. Trish (Cook) and Mr. Jim Rogers

Elise Lufkin and Amos Galpin

Elliott Bay Animal Hospital

Ernest and Donna Vodney

Grant and Becky Morton

In gratitude, Elizabeth, Paul and Megan

In loving memory of Waneska, From Peggy, KC and Matt

In memory of our Beloved Zooker © Dave and Karen

James and Patricia Hobkirk

Jeffrey and Susan Cook

Joey Scott

John & Julie Gardner

Lawrence and Lorraine Holt

Mary Kay Fowler, In Memory of Red

Mary Ketcham

Max and Jan Hunt

Rick Cooper and Robin Hilton

Robert V. Baker Roger and Alice Kaye Renne, in Memory of Jasper

Scott Votaw

Thank you for your kind care of our dog KC, Chic & Sandy Gerlach

The King Family

The Sellons

Signe Olausen and Walter Kaminski

WSU College of Veterinary Medicine DVM Class of 2015, Senior Class Gift

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$100 to $999

Alan Haynes

Alice Archer

Amy Roy

Andrea Duffield

Andrew Daviel

Angelica Macias

Anna and Thad Wheatley

Anne Kirkland

Annie and Andy Allen

Barbara Suveg & Nibblet

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Bart Gallant


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Bob Bann

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Bruce and Diana Sneddon

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Cathy Calloway and Doug Berglund

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Charlie and Cindy Napoli

Charlie Crawford

Cheryl and Bradley Elchlepp

Cheryl Sobba

Cheryl Talley

Chris Gray

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Christina Jallings

Christine and David Howe

Christine E. Hougan

Cindi Somers

Coby Sadler

Connie Adams

Craig an dLynne Marcus

Curt and Ann Morris

Dane and Cynthia Stuhaan

Daniel and Kathy and Patch Schwartz

Danielle Dorband

Darby and Carrie James

Darlene Meenach

Darlene Strayer

Darrell and Carole Puls

David and Anna Mitson

David and Beatrice Taylor

David and Cynthia Shehan

David and Nancy McMonigle

David and Patti Knowles

David Eaton

David Rubincam and Uwanna Thomas

Dawn De Leon

Dean and Brenda Hargrove

Dean Edwards

Deana and Josh Zakar

Debbie Chervenak

Debra Mapstead

Denise Fell

Denise Simpson, DVM

Dennis and Kathleen Hayden

Dennis Kocher

Diana & Milon Meyer

Dianne F. Barnes

Diego Perez

Don Perry

Donald Kelts, DVM and Teri Kelts

Donna K. Kiesau-Orvald

Doran Ward

Doug Ellison

Douglas and Patricia Robinson

Dr. Don, Terri, and Ian Kelts

Dr. Hank Greenwald, DVM

Dr. Jerry and Lois Pospisil

Dr. Magye's Rock Star

Dr. William and Nancy Dernell

Drs. Katrina and Robert Mealey

Drs. Kurt Sekberg and Katie Seabaugh

Ed Gallison

Edward Womack, DVM and Allison Womack

Elaine Morse

Elizabeth Fischel

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Esther and Gaylord Anderson

Ethel Gobbato

Florence and C. James Lovelace

Florence Heffron

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Gerald and Jane Walton

Gerald Suzanne Ackerson

Greg Mulvihill


Harrison Jewell

Harry and Jane Lane

Heiko Jansen

Helen Bailey

Herb and Patty Snowden

Hilaire Cazier

Holly Alonzo

In honor of DVM student, Chiara Velotta

In honor of Bob Olds and Kim Carvalho

In honor of Maggie the Wonderdog!

In honor of Pinky Bundsen and Dr. Lincoln

In Memory of Ed Diamond

In Memory of Ed Gray

In memory of Elisabeth Evett

In Memory of Ginger & Fancy; Thank you WSU VTH

In Memory of Gerald "Bud" Hoff, DVM

In Memory of Kalen Tabor

In Memory of Neeka

In memory of Taz

Isabella, Karen and Paul, "To Elsa, our old girlfriend…forever in our hearts"

J. B. Yonce

J.E.B. Stuart

Jacquelyn Miller

James and Christine Warjone

James and Emily Fredenburg

James Creitz

James Inman & Patte Boyne

James Inman

Janet and Peter John

Janet Baer and Phillip Lawson

Janie and Cliff Plath

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Jean & Ken Parks

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Jennifer Taylor

Jenny Tiegs

Jerred Weis

Jess Watanabe and Renee Smith

Jill M. Ives

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Jim and Diane Merriam

Jim McLean

Jo Follett

Joan Jeffries, in memory of Bill and Frank

Jodi Beardsley

Joe and Donna Deerkop

John and Jean Allred

John and Kerry Merritt

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John Kirchanski

John, Erica, and Griffey Reynoso

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Karen and Dan Hagan

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L. John and Carol Sealock

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Larry and Toni North

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Liesa and Chuck Kinsey

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Lita & Dan Clark

Lori Lutskas, LVT, CCRP

Lorraine Murray

Lowell and Deb Peterson

Lynne Flaherty, MD

Maria and Jon Kjaerulff & Beau

Marie O'Kelley

Marilyn & James Bonneville

Marilyn Johnson

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Mark & Joyce Dryden

Mark Miller and Sue Samuelson "For Our Best Friends"

Marlene and Steven Cohen

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Marti and Arthur Caputi

Mary and John Hartman

Mary Bullock

Mary Denove

Mary Frances Fauci and Keith Smith

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Matt Alexander

Matthew and Nora Olsen Nelson

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Megan MacKenzie and Benjamin Dickman

Meggen Ryan

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Michelle and Gareth Nisbett

Michael Macy and Patricia Beeman

Mike and Diane Brown

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Mildred and Alan Lansing

Miles and Barbara Killian

Monique and Sherrie Wiepz

N. Lee Prince and Michael Galgoul

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Nathaniel and Ann Andersen

Norma and Eric LaRock

North Forks Lady Florence

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Portable Cedar Cabins & Maggie

Rachel Briggs

Randy and Laura Rust

Randy Lothspeich

Randy Newman

Reca Gerchik

Remembering our beloved Cafco '89-'05

Rene D. Scalf

Renne Baker

Reuben Tastad

Rhonda Nay

Richard and Louise Guthrie

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Robert and Lily Maguire

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Robert Pratt and Barbara Grindstaff

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Steve and Lisa, "Thanks for taking such good care of Amanda"

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Thanks for taking such good care of Lukie

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