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Biotechnology Development Fund

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Melva Jean Kinch Breffeilh Memorial Scholarship

Melva’s family created this scholarship in her memory. As a young student, “Mel” (1921-1996) graduated from WSU in 1944 and became a medical technologist. She wanted to do something different; therefore she chose the field of science in which to pursue her degree. Her laboratory experiences in Saudi Arabia during WW II and Venezuela helped her to fulfill this dream. 

  • Certified major in microbiology
  • Female
  • Demonstrated academic achievement  

Scholarship Recipients: Gianne Souza (2010), Abigail Moody (2011), Elizabeth Laws (2012), Sharayah Wahl (2013), Alexandra Bartoski (2014), Kara Beseler (2015), Jenna Gregory (2016)

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Victor Burke Memorial Endowment

Dr. Burke came to Washington State College in 1921 as an Assistant Professor of Bacteriology within the Botany Department.  He became Professor of Bacteriology in 1924 and in 1925 was made Head of the Department of Bacteriology, a position he held for the following 22 years. The first Ph.D. degree granted by WSC was awarded to a student working under his direction.  He strove to teach his students to think and to reason, as well as train them thoroughly in research methods.

Awarded to Graduate Students doing research in Medical Microbiology or to purchase specialized equipment to carry out such research.

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Microbiology Cancer Research Development Fund

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Alice Lloyd Diers and William E. Diers Microbiology Student Endowment

This scholarship was created by Bill Retelle in 2001, as a memorial to his dear friends, Alice (1911-2000) and William Diers (1910-1969). Bill and William were fishing buddies and lifelong friends. After William’s death in 1969, Bill continued to care for his friend Alice until her death in 2000. 

  • Deserving students in microbiology (certified majors)
  • Preference to those students with financial need

Scholarship Recipients: Kimberly Ellis (2010), Marie Smith (2010), Katherine Rempe (2010), Xin Wei (2010)

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Alice L. Diers Bacteriology Enrichment Fund

Alice (1911-2000) received her BS in 1931 from WSU in Bacteriology. Growing up on a Palouse wheat farm, Alice’s mother was determined to send her to college. Alice’s independent spirit served her well as she worked in pathological labs across the Northwest, including Alaska; where she met her husband William. Alice established this fund in 1983 to foster the quality of education and research within the microbiology degree program. 

  • Certified major in microbiology

Scholarship Recipients: Ryan Schindler (2010), Timothy Gay (2010), Elizabeth Laws (2011), Melody Fulton (2011), Nicole Clark (2013), Mary Vallejo (2013), Miles Linde (2014), Keesha Matz (2016)

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Charles and Audrey Drake Fellowship in Honor of Dr. A.T. Henrici

Dr. Charles H. Drake received his Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota, his major professor and mentor was the great American microbiologist Dr. Arthur T. Henrici. Dr. Drake came to Washington State College and joined the Department of Bacteriology and Public Health. Although he was known for his research interests and roots with Dr. Henrici, Dr. Drake’s overriding essence was his exposure of thousands of students to the wonders of microbiology in his Bacteriology 101 course. He was the quintessential eccentric professor who enlivens the college experience for students and opens their minds, as well as an extraordinarily articulate lecturer which was reflected in his teaching as his course was always filled to capacity.

Established to provide fellowships for pre- and post-doctoral appointees to conduct research requiring field studies in microbial ecology. Funds to support fellowships and/or research needs requiring field studies will be awarded to promising researchers in microbial ecology as well as in other areas (such as in botany, cell biology, ecology, genetics, parasitology, plant pathology, veterinary medicine, zoology, etc.).

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L.W. Engels Student Loan Fund

Mr. Engles ( -1987) graduated from WSU in 1930, and left half of his estate to help students in Microbiology. Loraine remembers having little money as a student at Washington State College and wanted to help future students. The fund is available to assist students who have unexpected expenses and need a quick loan.

  • Certified major in SMB
  • Recipients are encouraged to pay the fund back as finances allow

Scholarship Recipients: 2 students (2010), 2 students (2011), 1 student (2012), 1 student (2013)

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Stephen P. A. Fodor and Janelle Benoit Graduate Fellowship for the School of Molecular Biosciences

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Genetics Development Fund

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Bruce Gibbins Graduate Travel Fellowship in the School of Molecular Biosciences

As a graduate student at WSU, Dr. Gibbins personally benefited from Professor Herb Nakata's efforts to scrape together and scrounge cash from all kinds of sources to make sure the department's graduate students were able to travel to conferences. These conferences provided students exposure to the breadth of the scientific community, the work of national peers, and critical feedback on their own projects. Dr. Gibbins believes these travel opportunities made a major contribution to his ultimate success in the sciences.

Awarded to fund Graduate Student travel to conferences or scientific meetings for one or more students in MBioS.

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Michael D. Griswold Fellowship in Reproductive Biology

In 1976, Dr. Griswold joined Washington State University, where he has had a long and productive career studying male reproductive biology, particularly in the function of Sertoli cells in spermatogenesis.  While at WSU, Dr. Griswold has received the Edward R. Meyer Professorship in Sciences, been Director of the School of Molecular Biosciencesa and Dean of the College of Sciences.  Few scientists have had such an impact on the field of male reproductive biology as a visionary researcher, mentor, and administrator. His mentorship is to be admired, and the respect students show him is to be envied.

Funds provide fellowship stipends to one or more students within MBioS who are studying Reproductive Biology.

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Elizabeth R. Hall Endowment Scholarship

The Elizabeth Hall Scholarship is a way for alumni and friends to make meaningful contributions to Microbiology education at WSU's School of Molecular Bioscience.

The Elizabeth Hall Scholarship was established in 1972 by many friends, colleagues, and former students to honor Dr. Elizabeth Hall (1914-2001), a member of the WSU faculty from 1944 to 1976. Dr. Hall was a researcher and instructor in bacteriology and public health for 32 years. She was a noted teacher and received the Carski Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award from the American Society of Microbiology in 1976.

  • Certified major in microbiology
  • Potential for a successful career in a medical aspect of microbiology

Scholarship Recipients: Adriana Lippy (2010), Andrea Bonner (2010), Lon Kwan Lam (2010), Bhim Thapa (2011), Kyle Nelson (2011), Marie Smith (2011), Van Nguyen (2011), Abigail Moody (2012), Bhim Thapa (2012), Cristal Reyna (2012), Marie Smith (2012), Sam McInally (2013), Anjelica Ludwig (2013), Alicia Ocasio (2013), Kari Mitchell (2014), Homa Shaarbaf (2014), Preston Dehan (2014), Nathan Cherzan (2014), Manik Malla (2014), James Bonner (2014), Scott Blaine (2014), Floricel Gonzalez (2015), Jenna Gregory (2015), Jaslyn Erickson (2015), Zachary Taylor (2016), Kayla Keppler (2016), Tenzin Lama (2016)

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Walter L. & Pauline W. Harris Microbiology Endowment Fund

This scholarship was created in recognition of Walter and Pauline Harris, both graduates of the Department of Bacteriology and Public Health. Walter received a Master’s degree in 1949 and Pauline received a bachelor’s degree in 1947. Pauline died in 2008.

  • Certified major in microbiology
  • Junior or Senior standing

Scholarship Recipients: Erin Feller (2010), Elizabeth Laws (2011), Mayumi Holly (2012), Kari Mitchell (2013), Joseph Lawhead (2013), Samantha McInally (2014), James Volz (2014), Athena Lemon (2014), Jesse Nelson (2016), Jaslyn Erikson (2016), Janey Beumeler (2016), Jesse Nelson (2015), James Volz (2015), Nathan Cherzan (2015), Grace Carrell (2016)

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Hollister-Stier Microbiology Lecture Fund

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Charles Glen King Fellowship & Lectureship in Biochemistry

Dr. Charles Glen King was awarded a B.S. Chemistry in 1918 from Washington State College. He was honored in 1964 as being recognized as the first to isolate pure crystals of Vitamin C. A leading authority on nutrition, he also identified Vitamin C as the anti-scurvy substance in citrus fruit, enrichment of wheat flour with B vitamins and iron, did distinguished research on obesity, and training of numerous outstanding scientists.  A professor at the University of Pittsburgh and Columbia University, he also served as executive director and president of National Nutrition Foundation and was a member of the National Academy of Science and received numerous awards in biochemistry and nutrition.

Awarded to Graduate Students in Biochemistry, with a preference to students working in nutrition and a special lectureship.

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Dr. Nancy Magnuson Immunology Scholarship

The distributions from this fund shall be used to award scholarships to female undergraduate or graduate students pursuing degrees in the immunology field with a focus on infectious disease research or understanding basic immunological mechanisms.

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Louis Mallavia Memorial Endowment in Microbiology

This endowment in memory of Dr. Louis Mallavia is established by friends, colleagues, and former students of his to remember and honor all that he did for the Department of Microbiology as its Chair for five years (1993-98) and as a faculty member, teacher and researcher for 33 years. He mentored more than 30 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. He was cited by the College of Sciences for his role in undergraduate instruction and named 1998 Mortar Board Faculty Member of the Year.

Used for summer support for Microbiology Graduate Students (including travel, equipment, living expenses, research, etc.) and at the discretion of the Chair for the highest of priorities within the department.

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McFadden/Yount Undergraduate Scholarship in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

Bruce McFadden and Ralph Yount established this scholarship in 2003 as a reflection of their research efforts and the development of biochemistry at Washington State University. As former chairs and professors in the in the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry they taught hundreds of students and wanted to support them through scholarships.

Scholarship Recipients: Brianna Stanley (2015), Kyle Romine (2015), Denali Kagel(2015), Mitchell Go (2015), Chase Teigen (2016), Celeste Lee (2016), Rachel Crowther (2016), Spencer Wheeler (2016)

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Microbiology Development Fund

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